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How to Refer to a Dick

One thing I’ve had to think a lot about when I’m writing about two men is how to refer to the man’s cock. It’s not easy to use the word “penis” because that’s not exactly sexy, and one of the main points of writing erotic novels is to make everything sexy. However, I always got really distracted when I heard of writers trying to use other phallic things in their writing, like “sausage.” I could never write something like that.

Because of this, I’ve resigned to using words like “dick,” “cock,” and “member.” There are also times in my gay erotic writing where I don’t refer to the appendage at all and just consider the man himself as a who entity. For example, I will say something like, “I gasped as he was inside me.”

I have to refer to dicks a lot in gay erotica. If you’ve ever watched gay porn, or homosexual porn, penises are a big focus–which is no surprise whatsoever. The cock is one of the defining features of male on male action (usually–there’s always trans folk, too, that may or may not have dicks but still make some hot ass content).

Then, we get to how to describe them. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve read where the narrator/main character seemed to instantly know that their partner’s cock was twelve inches. I’m sure that I’ll make that mistake, too, since that’s what people want to hear, but it is always way too precise to be realistic. I mean, it’s all fantasy, but can we please at least try to let our readers pretend that they are in the scene? Nobody would be able to accurately measure a cock size with their eyes.

So, I like to have a few rules when referring to cocks in erotic gay writing:

  1. Cocks are not food–even if you do put them in your mouth.
  2. You cannot measure a dick with your eyes.
  3. Use words that fit the feel of the story. Classier, softer stories use “cock,” while dirtier, less passionate stories use “dick.”
  4. Don’t use “penis” unless absolutely necessary.

My Writing Process

Some people wonder how I can sit down and bang out (pun intended) some of my stories the way that I do. It isn’t always the same, really. Sometimes, I’ll just have an idea I’m sitting on like it’s a giant cock, and I’ll just start going to town on it–like it’s a giant cock. I actually work on multiple stories and/or projects at one time. It helps me stay on track when I get distracted. At least when I start thinking of something else, I can pour it out into another story. That could be why it sometimes seems like I am throwing out stories quickly.

I always have to write with music. The music helps keep distractions from the outside away from me. Sometimes, those outside distractions–like my cat jumping onto the bed–are a bit harder to ignore even with my headphones in, but I don’t mind too much. I always have to take breaks and things.

I also like to have multiple different places to write. When I can get up and move to a different location, it can help jog my brain when it is feeling sluggish. With the pandemic, all of my places outside my house have vanished, but that’s probably good now that I’ve transitioned to writing that is less SFW.

Also, when I’m writing erotica, I like to keep my phone handy to pull up any inspiration I might need. I like to try to insert myself into my characters and feel what they’re feeling. If I want them to be aroused, I want to be aroused too. I want to know how an aroused person would react in these situations. Now, a lot of these characters are different–especially when I start venturing into situations where the character is doing something I wouldn’t do.

Also, take snack breaks as needed. English Muffins with Nutella is a good break snack!


How Am I Celebrating My First Novel?

Thank you for allowing me to pretend like you asked. I am celebrating with a cup of tea, of course! I made sure to get a caffeinated one to make sure I don’t think I’m done and can ride on Very Personal Training for the rest of my career. I have many, many more stories to share with you guys, and they might be coming sooner than you think! #WorkIt

I do anticipate getting a little cake later today. Now that it’s been officially submitted to Amazon, it’s in Daddy Jeff’s hands. What kind of cake should I get? I wonder if I can get an erotic cake made this late…

-HVS <3

My new story, this Saturday

In more exciting news, my first eBook will be available this Friday, October 15th! Saturday, October 16th.

The title is Very Personal Training.

The story revolves around a man who is starting to notice that he’s getting older and needs to start working on his body. He is doing well on his own, but decides to hire a personal trainer. Unfortunately, he is very, very attracted to his new trainer. He tries to hide his attraction, but it’s getting harder and harder—literally!

I hope you guys enjoy it! Here’s the cover:


Making It Up

I looked up and him, and his entire frame eclipsed the sun behind him. He looked at me with a devious smile—showing all of his teeth. They were white as paper and looked strong enough to tear me apart. They were framed perfectly by his lips that could barely be seen behind his dark and full beard. It was long, and the hairs of his mustache draped over his upper lip. The beard made his face seem circular, but I could tell that he had a well-defined jaw. His eyes were large and a chocolatey brown, and their size matched his large, powerful nose. They were topped with dark, bushy eyebrows that matched the tousled and midnight black hair on the other side of his sun-cracked skin.

When he grabbed me by the arms and squeezed, he almost lifted me off my feet. I could see the dense hair that poked out his sleeves, knowing it went all the way up his arm and covered his chest. His hulking figure completely encapsulated mine as he stood over me and lowered his face closer to mine. I could feel the pulse in his veins as he drew as close as he could without touching. Our eyes were connected by an imaginary string that was made of steel. It grew hotter and hotter until it melted, and he kissed me. My heart was like molten metal as it pooled down into my fingertips and making them tingle.

I knew my face and my shirt were getting dirty from his touch, but I didn’t care. This was like we were being welded together, and I was melding into him.

Just felt like writing something stupid.



I’d love to tell you that I draw inspiration from other erotic or romantic authors, but aside from the occasional story on Nifty.Org (which you should check out if you really like reading erotica of all kinds), I don’t actually read a lot of erotica. Plus, I haven’t really read romance since my teen days, and that was all straight, YA stuff like Twilight. Yes, I did read Fifty Shades of Grey. I have nothing to say about that one.

I draw a lot of inspiration from real life, honestly. Not that I’m having copious amounts of sex, but I take a lot from what I’ve done and what I imagine doing. In all fairness, I probably take more inspiration from porn than I do the written word. I watch a lot of that, for sure. Watching it reminds me of things I wouldn’t do or imagine normally. I like to ask myself, “What would that actually feel like?” Then, I’ll start writing it down.

After that, I’ll have to think about which party I would be. There’s a role I’d like to play if I were the character, but I’m not these characters. I’ve really had to dig deep into my memories to remember how it feels to be on the other side. There was a lot of time experimenting and trying to figure out what I liked, so I’ve been on both sides of a lot of activities. I have experience; I just have to dig deep for it.

I am lucky to have a lot of experience to pull from. I think it can give my stories a little bit more realness. However, this is just how I see it. It may not seem real to others.

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