My Writing Process

Some people wonder how I can sit down and bang out (pun intended) some of my stories the way that I do. It isn’t always the same, really. Sometimes, I’ll just have an idea I’m sitting on like it’s a giant cock, and I’ll just start going to town on it–like it’s a giant cock. I actually work on multiple stories and/or projects at one time. It helps me stay on track when I get distracted. At least when I start thinking of something else, I can pour it out into another story. That could be why it sometimes seems like I am throwing out stories quickly.

I always have to write with music. The music helps keep distractions from the outside away from me. Sometimes, those outside distractions–like my cat jumping onto the bed–are a bit harder to ignore even with my headphones in, but I don’t mind too much. I always have to take breaks and things.

I also like to have multiple different places to write. When I can get up and move to a different location, it can help jog my brain when it is feeling sluggish. With the pandemic, all of my places outside my house have vanished, but that’s probably good now that I’ve transitioned to writing that is less SFW.

Also, when I’m writing erotica, I like to keep my phone handy to pull up any inspiration I might need. I like to try to insert myself into my characters and feel what they’re feeling. If I want them to be aroused, I want to be aroused too. I want to know how an aroused person would react in these situations. Now, a lot of these characters are different–especially when I start venturing into situations where the character is doing something I wouldn’t do.

Also, take snack breaks as needed. English Muffins with Nutella is a good break snack!


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